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Rather than a long cover letter covering my career, let me give you a bite of some of my skills.

  1. Marketing – I was a Marketing Director for 8 years in the Caribbean for two different multinational yachting supply companies. Marketing of my own startups and many others.
  2. Public Relations – As I am a significant publisher in the Blockchain World, I get a dozen emails a day from PR companies and have seen every strategy in the book, some annoying, some brilliant. I did all the PR for my event called Crypto Financing, which was the first Blockchain event in Europe and in many of my marketing executive roles with other companies I did the PR as well.
  3. Strategy – As a startup judge for hundreds of startups over a decade for both Innovate the UK and the European Commission I have seen some brilliant ideas. But I have also been working with startups since 2002, my own and many others. I have been a strategic advisor for almost 50 Blockchain startups. I was Chief Strategy Officer for Dutch startup Worldticketshop,, and – moving them all the site development from a full room of coders to an enterprise plan at Open Source Magento ecommerce platform, saving the company six figures annually.
  4. Communications – I trained and started as a journalist in 1992, and was a reporter from the Canadian Arctic to the Caribbean and on to Europe. Blockchain articles I have written for include, Harvard Business Review (What Initial Coin Offerings Are, And Why VC Firms Care) and Venturebeat (Global blockchain innovation: the U.S. lags, Europe, and China lead). I have also been published at Wired with articles about Ethical Hackers (Are Ethical Hackers the Alchemists of Our Time… The Masters of the Binary Evolution?) and the intersection of social media and TV (Reports of Social TV’s Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated).
  5. Hacking – I am not a true developer, but I have been hacking code since conceiving, designing, building and publishing hundreds of websites since 1997. I started with Dreamweaver when it was in beta and then in the early 2000s I went on to PHPNuke, Postnuke, Mambo, Joomla and WordPress as well as dabbling in Magento and several other platforms.
  6. Event Organisation – I co-founded the Hackitarian Foundation in Amsterdam in 2015 and was acquired in 2017. We did a dozen hackathons around the world (Blockchain, IoT, Health etc.). I was also hired by Reed Midem, one of the world’s largest event organisers to co-create a new show for innovation called MIPCUBE as an addon to the massive TV content events they run in Cannes, France called MIPTV and MIPCOM (10,000+ attendees). I also created and ran the first Blockchain event in early 2017 in London called Crypto Financing which sold out.
Richard Kastelein Achterberhof 8, 9752HE Haren, Groningen, The Netherlands Cell:+31639583979 Email: or
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